When it comes to setting the record straight on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and how their relationship has affected her, Jennifer Aniston is just not that into opening up about it, okay?


‘No matter what I say, things will always be taken out of context and misinterpreted, will always be turned around to make it seem as though I won’t let something go, or that I just keep talking about it over and over," she tells Elle UK in the April issue. "I don’t owe anybody anything. I don’t owe anybody my side of the story."


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In fact, Jen doesn’t even see the situation as a battle to be fought or won, claiming, "There are no sides! There is no bad guy and there is no good guy. There are no villains and there is no heroine in this story. It’s just not the case."

The star, who seems to be happily dating John Mayer again after their brief split last year, insists that she’s not to be pitied in any way.


" I remind myself every day that I am lucky. Look what’s out there. Look what people are really living through. There’s no comparison. I am happy," she says in the interview.


As for getting older, the He’s Just Not That Into You actress, who just turned 40, has a sensible approach to the coming years.


"I’m a realist," she admits. "I know that if I eat nothing but burgers and chips, I’m not going to be hired for the parts I normally would. That might be fine one day, but not right now."

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