Jerry O’Connell‘s first wedding anniversary with wife Rebecca Romijn is today and the couple are spending it apart. But there’s no reason to worry!

With Rebecca filming Ugly Betty in New York and Jerry promoting his upcoming Fox show Do Not Disturb in LA, they couldn’t be together.

But Jerry plans to take a red eye from LA to new york tonight and the pair will, no doubt, put up their own Do-Not-Disturb sign!

"I really love it," Jerry says of his marriage, adding that for their anniversary, he gave rebecca "a little bit of jewelry, nothing crazy. Moderately priced, because I’m still paying off the wedding."

While promoting Do Not Disturb on Monday, Jerry told reporters he hasn’t heard from Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes after he poked fun at Tom’s Scientology training video.

"There has been no contact, thank goodness," Jerry said. "I’m actually scared. I am shocked about how popular that video was."

Jerry said his video, which ran on Will Ferrell’s Web Site, got two million hits.

"I don’t think we wanted that popularity. It was sort of an inside joke for all of us on strike out here in LA."

But now that the writers’ strike is over, Jerry says, "I’m sorry if anyone was offended. I really apologize.". He adds, however, "are we going to do more of that? Yeah! Because it’s a lot of fun."

By: Carole Glines

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