In a few days Jerry Lewis will be back in his familiar role hosting the 43rd Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon, but earlier this summer he made headlines for a different reason.


Police confiscated a gun from his bag at the Las Vegas Airport in late July, but Jerry says it was all a big mistake.


"I had a gun in my briefcase and I didn’t remember," he tells Extra. "It was made as a gift to me by a gunmaker in Ohio. He gave it to me as a gift and I put it in my case." however Jerry will most likely not be facing jail time, saying, "I got fined and I have to go to court."


Although he’s a familiar face on TV due to his annual telethon, Jerry says he still might return to the big screen.


"If I get the right material," he says.


Don’t expect to see Jerry on anything like Dancing With the Stars or other reality TV, he’s definitely not a fan. "I keep [it]in the toilet where it belongs," he says of the phenomenon.


Check out th rest of Jerry’s interview tonight on Extra.

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