Jerry Springer is no stranger to the world of politics. Back before he was the host of TV’s naughtiest talk show, he was the mayor of Cincinnati. So when we caught up with the TV legend, we asked if he had any advice for newly crowned Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

"He needs to just keep doing what he’s doing." Jerry told OK! at Bravo’s A-list Awards. "I would like to see him choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate. I don’t know that he will do that. But in any event, his instincts have been great. He shouldn’t let the system corrupt him and he should keep those strong ideals that he has."

Jerry also waxed patriotic. He said, "I think it’s a wonderful statement for America that we have had the last five months with an African-American and a woman running. I think it’s remarkable."

America is definitely something Jerry has on his mind. As the host of America’s Got Talent he sees the best, and well the worst, of what Americans have to offer! "I can tell you from having done the auditions already that the quality of the talent is exceptional," he said. "So there are some really phenomenal acts."

But if you’re one of those people who like the train wrecks, Jerry promises there’s plenty of that too! "I mean there’s some acts that are hard to watch but some are phenomenal and I think people are going to enjoy the show this year," he said.


By Jocelyn Vena

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