You would think that by now, after all the sex tapes and leaked photos of celebrities in compromising situations, that they would learn to never, ever, ever do something as ill-advised as let a significant other snap a shot of them in the buff. And yet, another celeb finds himself the subject of an embarrassing photo that’s making its way around the e-mail circuit — good boy singer/actor Jesse McCartney!
According to a story in today’s NY Post, an ex-girlfriend of the Greek star has been blasting out a rather revealing shot of Jesse wearing nothing more than a G-string made of candy!

“An ex of his took it and has been sending it around,” the newspaper quotes a source as saying.

As for Jesse, he’s letting his lawyer’s do the talking: “Mr. McCartney did not knowingly participate in the taking of this photo and did not consent to the taking of such a photo,” reads a statement from his legal eagles. “In addition, the alleged photo of Mr. McCartney appears to have been manipulated and doctored by computer software.”

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