What is sexy? According to Victoria’s Secret, which released their list on Thursday (April 19), Jessica Alba is the sexiest actress while Justin Timberlake gets honors of sexiest male musician. It doesn’t stop there: David Beckham is the sexiest dad; Matthew McConaughey has the sexiest beach body; Eric Dane is the sexiest actor; Carrie Underwood is the sexiest female musician; Kate Hudson scored sexiest mom; Jay-Z and Beyonce got sexiest couple; Yankee Derek Jeter received sexiest male athlete and speed racer Danica Patrick took home sexiest female athlete honors. Otherwise, Sienna Miller got props for her trendsetting style; Josh Duhamel for his smile; Adrian Grenier for his eyes; Cameron Diaz for her legs; and Jennifer Hudson for her lips.Sexiest cast? ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’Heidi Klum and Karolina Kurkova were among the Victoria’s Secret executives, designers and supermodel spokeswomen who compiled the list.

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