Jessica Biel is radiant and glowing during the Easy Virtue premiere held during the Toronto International Film Festival at the Elgin Theatre. She plays a bride in the romantic comedy.

Theatergoers are urged to keep moving more incessantly than usual, which makes us wonder – is her boyfriend Justin Timberlake putting in an appearance?

Regrettably, our time with Jessica herself is just a dream because the joke reporter crashes — thanks to that deceiving TV camera that reps and stars crave.

“What are you wearing?” he asks.

“Alexander McQueen,” Jess responds, unaware.

“I don’t do what are you wearing,” Mr. On Camera snidely responds. “You could wear a book, a pan, but I’ve gotta say – such humility. Could you look at the camera and say ‘this is Jessica Biel?’”

She is not amused, and walks away brushing off the rest of the line.

The reporters give Mr. Joke the beatdown.

“I have fantastic in-laws,” Colin Firth, who plays the groom, attests as he slides through.

Were there a lot of photographers on the scene when J.T. visited J.B.?

“When Justin turned up one day, it got out of hand,” director Stephan Elliott says. “There’s a 1920s dinner scene where everybody’s dressed to the nines, and there are these lenses coming up in the background of the shot.”

And what’s Jessica really like?

“She’s incredibly pure, she’s beautiful and she’s nice to you,” cowriter Sheridan Jobbins tells me. “She’s kind of a masterpiece.”


Alas, no Justin.


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