Spilling out of her snug white corset, you’d expect Jessica Simpson to feel a little uncomfortable as she performed songs from her new country album, Do You Know, at the L.A. County Fair on Sept. 20.    But, despite looking noticeably heavier in the same outfit she wore just weeks earlier, country’s newest star has hardly been singing the blues!

In fact, a pal tells OK! that Jess has finally found peace with herself and her body, whatever the size!

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"She’s done depriving herself and missing out on life just to fit into a size 2 jeans," the friend says.  "She doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the way she looks."

One of the reasons the singer is feeling more comfortable may have to do with a certain Dallas Cowboys quarterback!   Jess’s boyfriend, Tony Romo, reportedly loves her curvier look and has encouraged her to not take life so seriously.

"Whether she’s catching one of Tony’s games, or just hanging out with him, she’ll throw back a couple of beers, eat some pizza and just have fun," the singer’s friend says.  "She is just in a different place than she used to be and her weight gain is a reflection of that."

Jessica herself recently confirmed her newfound sense of self, saying, "It’s nice to know a guy loves you for who you are."

These days, it seems the buxom blond has different priorities on her plate.  Gone are the strict diets and six-day-a week workouts.  "Her main focus is her country career and finding happiness," a friend of the singer tells OK!.  "She just wants to settle down, start a family and live her life."

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