Like all best friends, Jessica Simpson and her hairstylist Ken Paves have had their share of ups and downs – at least as far as Jess’ famous mane goes! ‘We’ve had good and bad moments together,’ the ‘Public Affair’ singer told OK! at the opening of Ken’s new salon in Beverly Hills. ‘I feel like we’ve experienced the whole thing – bad hair days, bad haircuts.’ The pair met when Jess was still just a teen star on the rise, and he showed her the hair-or of her ways. ‘I was a Texas girl with long hair that was only processed with Aqua Net and highlights.’ As for Jessica’s recently shortened locks, she explains: ‘I like to change it up? I was so annoyed with long hair that I was like, ëI’ve got to take it off!’ That’s something you’ll see in my video for ëI Belong to Me.’ I got nail clippers in the video, and I just start clipping all of my hair off. It’s that moment where I was so frustrated at myself for not owning myself.’

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