The journey from reality TV pop star to country singer hasn’t been easy for Jessica Simpson, 28, and one new song on her upcoming album chronicles that pain.

"Remember That," a song about a past emotionally abusive relationship, seems to have come out of nowhere, but a source claims that Jess is singing about ex-husband Nick Lachey.

"Towards the end of the marriage, things got really ugly," a friend of the couple confirms.

When she’s not singing, however, Jessica’s lips are zipped. "I don’t want to talk about it," she tells the September issue of Elle magazine. "But I have definitely experienced abuse in a way that I would tell people to take their heart and run."

As for some industry insiders, they’re taking their ears and running already. "This isn’t even relevant. Nick and Jessica broke up three years ago. No one cares that much about either of them anymore," a source tells OK!.

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