Despite rumors that Jessica Simpson is battling with her weight and has been offered various endorsement deals by weight-loss programs, at least one of those companies says that just isn’t true.


"Ms. Simpson has publicly stated that she is healthy, feels great and is very happy with her body," says Scott Parker, V.P. of marketing and business development for Jenny Craig. "We would agree. Ms. Simpson looks fantastic and we see no reason for her to participate in a weight management program."



The buzz surrounding Jessica’s slightly fuller figure took off after she appeared recently onstage at a concert in high-waisted jeans and a tight black tank top. Numerous celebrities have come out to support the country star and defend her against the press, including her ex-husband, Nick Lachey.


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“I think it’s ridiculous,” he told OK! at the PrimeSport and DeBartolo Sports & Entertainment Club 009 Super Bowl Pre-Game party. “I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal and people keep asking about it to be honest with you.”



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