Having money has “not really” changed Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr.

“My mom, dad and my grandpa always worked hard,” the actress, 25, tells me during her SoBe Lifewater Skinsuit unveiling this week at NYC’s C + C Studios. “I try to put in a lot of hard work, show up and do my job. It’s always nice to get a paycheck, no matter what you do.”

She continues, “I had a cleaning business when I was in high school that two of my friends and I started. It was good to get that check, and it was good to get my check at the end of this week. If you work hard, you’ll always appreciate getting rewarded in some way.

While she’s launching SoBe Lifewater with electrolytes these days, Jessica’s first job had her scrubbing the homes of teachers and family members.

“We did everything from countertops to vacuuming to laundry,” she says. “We wanted to have a job where we made enough money to have gas money and maybe get a cute shirt here and there. And we wanted to create our own hours, so we got to do all that, and it was wonderful.”

Even today, she relies on her housekeeping past.

“I like doing laundry because it’s always great to have all your clothes fresh and smelling wonderful. I still clean up, for sure.”

Here’s my pic with Jessica:

Jessica Szohr, Valerie Nome

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