Gossip Girl‘s Jessica Szohr gave her fashion advice for the holidays to OK! at the Vogue Eyewear Celebrity Styling Event on Nov. 19 in NYC. Jessica explained to OK! how lingerie can be worn out in public, but it has to be done properly!Jessica knows a thing or two about style since working on Gossip Girl and she doesn’t mind sharing her fashion tips.

Jessica said she’s a big sunglasses person, but mainly because she has to be.

“It’s always one of those things where you need a couple of pairs for when it’s really sunny,” she rationalized. “I always need to get a couple of pairs every year because I leave them in cabs or sit on them or something.”

Sunglasses, she warned, can’t be worn whenever.

“I’m not into sunglasses at night,” she said. “Unless you’re Jack Nicholson, it’s ok to do it.”

Probably best not to then. But what about wearing lingerie as outerwear? Jessica said it’s not really her thing, but it can be done.

“I’m not big on it. I think sometimes if you have it together with a cool pair of jeans and a cool heel, you can make it work with a blazer over it,” she said. “I’ve tried it out a couple of times and it went ok.”

Some types of lingerie works as outerwear, but not all types

“Lacy bustier kind of things,” Jessica suggests as lingerie that works. “But sometimes I seen people wear it where they have it head to toe and I think it actually looks like you’re going to bed, so I’m like, what are you doing? I think sometimes you just have to wear a little cardigan over it to kind of pull it together and make it work.”

But you won’t see Jessica wearing a lacy bustier when she goes to party.

“I’m really about comfort and I think the sexiest thing about style is when you can take something that’s in, but not do it so much and be so trendy,” Jessica explained. “Kind of bring your personality to it. I’m really into blazers right now, you can never go wrong with a good cardigan.”

What will you see her out in?

“My favorite is, I don’t know, maybe skinny jeans and a good heel with a cute little v-neck t-shirt,” she shared. “Then add a little scarf or a beenie.”

“Sometimes it’s cool to take risks and do something really funky, but I always think less is more,” Jessica added. “And I think you should try to wear something that flatters your body.”

Jessica’s advice to maintaining your figure during the holidays is to find a balance.

“I try to watch what I eat during the week, and then eat whatever I want at the weekends,” Jessica said. “I’m really into yoga and then whenever I have scripts or have to do reading for work, I put the treadmill on an incline and read and walk for like 20 minutes here and there. It doesn’t feel like you’re working out, because you’re killing two birds with one stone.”

But even if you slip this holiday and still want to flatter your figure, Jessica suggests going for a plain look but adding accesories.

“Perfect!” she said.

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