The world has already met Jessica Simpson‘s mane man, her hair stylist Ken Paves. Now the country singer and Paves (who also cuts Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez‘s coiffeurs) are releasing a line of clip-on bangs.

The partners will debut the latest product from Hairdo – their line of human and synthetic hair-extensions – on QVC June 5 at 10pm and will continue to sell them on June 6 from 4pm. "It’s an amazing way to try a trend and not have to commit to it," Paves tells OK!.

In fact, Ken’s clip-ons convinced one of the most discerning celebrity fashionistas – Jennifer Lopez!


"With the bangs, you don’t have to commit to a haircut with full bangs; try it out this way like I did with Jennifer Lopez. I tried them on first with heavy bangs with a bang piece and she loved it so much, I actually gave her bangs and I did the same thing with Jennifer. I was in Japan with Jennifer and she had thinner bangs and I loved the idea of heavier, chunkier bangs so I tried it on with the bang piece and she loved it so much we physically cut a deeper bang.  It’s an amazing way to try a trend and not have to commit to it and they’re so easy."

Meanwhile, Jessica is more than a muse.


"She has a huge part," he says, "the extensions have to satisfy both of us." And Jess, who’s developing a new TV show called The Price of Beauty, loves the locks.


"She wears the hairdo clip-ins all the time," Paves says, "We used to glue them in but now she clips them in from the box."

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