Jewel may seem like the reserved type, but she’s actually a risk taker.

“My new album, Sweet and Wild, has both halves of my personality,” she said during the ACM Awards held earlier this week in Las Vegas. “I like to ride motorcycles and shoot guns. Another part of me likes to write poetry. There are a lot of things people wouldn’t expect about me.”

During the springtime, Jewel, 35, and her professional bull rider hubby, Ty Murray, 40, like to strap on their helmets and break out on the open road.

“We ride motorcycles,” she tells me. “I have a BMW 650 EF, and he has a 1200. I like the freedom. You don’t think about work.”

After tying the knot in August 2008, she is still singing the praises of being wed.

“I love married life,” she confesses. “It’s fantastic. It’s the best.”

Any surprises?

“I thought it was going to be really different. Or I didn’t think it was going to be different. We’ve been together 11 years, I didn’t think it was going to be any different, but it really is. It changes things in a good way.”

What does the future hold for the couple?

“If we have kids, that would be great.”

Here’s my pic with Jewel:


Pick up OK! on newsstands now for more coverage of the ACM Awards. The cover line is Brad & Angelina: “Wedding For The Kids.” And, check out Jewel’s new album, Sweet and Wild, which hits stores on June 8.

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