The Associated Press reports that a man accused of stalking Jewel at her Texas ranch said he was on a mission from God: Authorities said Tuesday that Michael Lawrance Kozelka of Wisconsin was arrested last week after he showed up two days in a row to the Stephenville ranch owned by Jewel’s husband, Ty Murray.

Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant says Kozelka was found on the ranch on Sept. 14 and warned not to return. However the next day he appeared at the main house with a pocket knife and a dog. He didn’t resist arrest.

“He was not aggressive and was not mad,” Bryant tells the Associated Press. “He just said he was on a mission from God, that God told him to come to Stephenville and led him to this ranch.”

Kozelka was charged with stalking, a felony that carries a maximum 10-year jail sentence.

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