Jillian HarrisFormer Bachelorette Jillian Harris has been blessed with a palate that prefers healthy dishes.

“I’m lucky,” the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition star tells me. “I love food that’s good for me. I love fish. I love vegetables. I love fruit. I love tomatoes.”

She urges people not to hold themselves to impossible standards when it comes to dieting.

“If you feel like having a burger or Taco Bell, have it, but try to make the conscious decision the next day,” she says. “If you can force yourself to love the superfoods – blueberries, almonds, broccoli, fish and tuna – I think you’re going to be in a better place. Drink lots of water. It’s the usual. We’ve gotta take care of ourselves.”

Still, she’s not perfect in the fitness department.

“I always workout to the point where I feel good about myself, then I stop working out, and then I go again.”

Here’s my pic with Jillian:

Valerie Nome, Jillian Harris

Pick up the OK! on newsstands now for Jillian’s What I Ate Today diet feature. The cover line is “Teen Mom: Leah Dumped By Corey.”

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