Tough trainer Jillian Michaels is taking a break from the The Biggest Loser ranch and hitting the road to show overweight Americans how to lose those extra pounds in her new upcoming show.

In each episode of Losing it with Jillian, the diminutive dynamo will move into a family’s home and give their lives an entire fitness and nutrition makeover, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Known for her no-excuses approach, Jillian, 35, who battles trainer Bob Harper each week in NBC’s smash hit weight-loss show, will overhaul families’ lifestyles rather than focus on dropping pounds.

“In a way, it’s a response to the comments we always get on Loser,” says Jillian. “We always hear, ‘It’s so easy to lose weight when you move into the camp and you’re living with trainers’ and ‘Would they really be able to lose the weight if there wasn’t money on the line?’

“Here we’re giving you realistic tools and a realistic environment to transform your life and the life of your family.”

NBC has picked up eight episodes of the companion show to Loser and it will feature celebrity chef Curtis Stone, who will offer the families a nutritional plan and cooking tips.

Will we see a different side of Jillian? “On Biggest Loser, I play a character of sorts,” she said.

“This show is very different. I’m not going to scream at a 10-year-old. You’re going to see different aspects of my personality, and it’s more about the biggest picture and not just being skinny.”

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