She’s done it all: movies, music, marriage and motherhood.

But now Jennifer Lopez wants to reclaim her days of high-profile glamour — and she is starting her second climb to superstardom with a return to acting this May in the drama Plan B.

“Jennifer was in Hollywood all Oscar week, and it just reminded her of everything she’s lost, career-wise,” a close friend of J.Lo tells OK!.

“She used to be the belle of the ball, and now she’s a fifth wheel.”

Jennifer, 39, hopes that her upcoming film will catapult her back onto the radar with its gossip-worthy plot: the real-life mom to 13-month-old twins Max and Emme plays a single gal who meets Prince Charming after getting pregnant with multiples through in vitro fertilization.


But the flick will go head-to-head with a release starring Jennifer Aniston in a similar story line.

“It is a box-office battle that J.Lo won’t win,” says an industry insider. “But she won’t listen because she is too stubborn — and she wants the money and the fame.”

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