With increased airport security and inclement weather, people across the country were stuck suffering flight delays this weekend. Joan Rivers was no exception; however, her delay was of a different nature. The comedian was detained in a Costa Rican airport because the name on her passport did not match her current name.

Needless to say, Joan was none too happy about situation and claims she was “held hostage” by airport security in Costa Rica, TMZ reports.

The debacle began after an airport official noticed Joan’s passport read “Joan Rosenberg AKA Joan Rivers.”

According to TMZ, Joan claimed she tried explaining her late husband’s name was Ed Rosenberg. The official did not buy the story, however, and gave away her seat on the flight to Newark.

Police were called to the scene, but Joan never got her seat back.

Joan claims she was forced to stay in a hotel overnight, and the passport situation was ultimately resolved this morning when Joan boarded a Newark-bound plane.

Meanwhile, Newark was shut down temporarily last night when a man went through the exit lane past security, so maybe Joan would’ve been delayed either way!

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