In 2008, Jodi Arias became known as a ruthless killer, after stabbing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander 29 times and slitting his throat with a knife. Her story, in addition to graphic crime scene photos, are being shown on Investigation Discovery, Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery, with the third and final episode of the mini-series airing on Monday at 10/9c.

In the latest preview clip from the series, it’s been revealed that critical evidence about Travis’ murder was found in a washing machine. Deputy Attorney, Juan Martinez, who works in Maricopa County, said, “In the washing machine, there was a camera.” And it belonged to Travis. As it was new, a legal analyst claimed it was placed in the machine for the purpose of it being destroyed.

While the camera had been ruined due to the water damage, the memory card was not, and what was found on it will be revealed on the show.

At the time, Jodi had not yet been targeted as the murderer of the heinous crime, so detectives questioned Travis’ two roommates, as it looked to be an “inside job.” After their alibis checked out, a legal analyst said it was then a matter of finding out who would want to kill Travis “in such a brutal way.”

 Tune in to ‘Investigation Discovery’ on Monday at 10/9c to learn all about how Jodi was eventually put behind bars and sentenced to life for the heinous crime. 

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