The man behind the Jackson 5, Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson, has often been considered a controversial figure in his superstar children’s lives. But following the tragic death of son Michael Jackson at the age of 50, Joe is being uncharacteristically cautious in what he says to the media.

Joe spoke briefly to Extra on Sunday and opened up slightly about how the family is coping with Michael’s death, as well as the future of the children the pop icon leaves behind.

Asked how his family are coping, Joe reveals, "They’re fine. Taking it a little bit hard, but they’re hard."

Joe also revealed what the family decided would be best for Michael’s children. "The children are being taken care of and we’re working on the situation for the children being with us. Basically, everything is fine."

And while Joe is grateful for all the stars who have come out to remember Michael, he also believes, "This should’ve happened when he was living. He was that kind of star… I want them to remember he was the greatest star in the world."

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