That sound you’re hearing? The "creak… creak… creak…"? It’s either ol’ white-haired John Mayer‘s rocker slowly going to and fro up on his porch or perhaps his 31-year-old hip cracking. Since the ancient singer hasn’t seen Twilight, and doesn’t know who Robert Pattinson is, he feels out of the loop, and apparently, old (cue the world’s tiniest violin).


"I’ve never seen Twilight, but it seems as if there are 90 lead actors I don’t know in this film? Tug Tillis, Boan Joaner, Jared Vorak… Kelly Loargaarten, Keith Wells, Elizabeth Henley-Harrison, Erik McMcinson, Kyle Froam, Tiffany Grunch," he writes on his Twitter page.


He goes on to lament his distance from what’s hip and new with the kids these days, adding, "It’s like you wake up in the morning and read ‘Tyler Rashton: ‘Tilly and I are just friends!’ And then you just feel old."


C’mon, John, don’t feel bad, no one even believes Tyler Rashton these days anyway.

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