For once, a rumor about John Mayer  is actually true.

Looks like the gossip that Jennifer Aniston‘s singer/songwriter boy-toy would be getting a TV show of his very own are more than just wishful thinking.

On Wednesday morning, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler confirmed that John is indeed developing a show for her network. "Yeah, we’re pretty close to closing the deal," revealed Tassler, adding that it would be a "music variety sketch show."

So who came up with this brilliant plan? "It’s his idea," says Tassler, who explains that all that’s currently in the works in a pilot special for the proposed series. "We didn’t reach out to him… He loved it. He’s a really funny guy.  He’s very smart."

Let’s just hope it’s more entertaining than the last time John branched out from being a rock star by trying his hand at stand-up comedy.


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