Though it was only a week ago that John Mayer declared that writing on micro-blogging site is "inherently silly and inherently dumb," that didn’t stop Jennifer Aniston‘s on-off-on-off boy-toy from waxing a bit philosophical on his Twitter page recently.


Among such fascinating gems as the exchange rate of Mexican pesos to Russian rubles and the shortcomings of iTunes, the "Your Body Is a Wonderland" singer posted this item onto his Twitter account Friday:

"Living by the power of other people’s suggestion will slowly kill you. Genuine self esteem isn’t a roller coaster. It comes from within."

Wow.  Is this a thinly veiled dig at Jen? A bit of Psychology 101? Or maybe he’s going to make the jump from music to self-help?

But, we ask, do you really want to take any advice from a man who feels the need to dress like this at a charity event?


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