John Mayer is self-deprecating during Z100’s Z Lounge, which takes place at Spotlight Live in NYC. During this private event, the singer-songwriter plays a few tunes and takes questions from fans and Z100 DJ Romeo.

As mini hot dogs, fried mac-and-cheese bites, French fries, and strawberry mint sugar sail around, the casually clad crooner takes to the stage to perform his hits including Say, a cover of Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ and Waiting On The World To Change.  

Jennifer Aniston’s latest catch says he was inspired to write Say after reading the script for the Jack NicholsonMorgan Freeman flick Bucket List.

“Now I love process so much I’m actually writing songs for movies I haven’t been asked to write for,” John, who is 6’3,” yuks. “I’ve written myself a song for Wall-E. It’s called ‘will somebody please say something?’”

When asked how he got involved in the music biz, he quips, “I’m lucky enough to have gotten a [record] contract before they handed them out with oil changes. There really is a difference between being famous for playing a song and being famous for tripping.”

I spy a Jennifer Aniston lookalike on the spiraling staircase. Could it be? In a flash, she’s gone – replaced by a man and two young kids. Aside from my sighting, my sources didn’t catch a glimpse of the real thing.  

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter calls out his influences. “The influence is violence in the media and video games, smoking in movies… yes for smoking in movies.”

He cracks, “You guys put me in the situation – let’s talk to the guy who can’t talk very well and writes songs to make up for it.”

With a furrow of his brow, the Connecticut-born Grammy winner turns serious. “I’m inspired by anybody with a whole lot of control in what they do. Like I watched this Wimbledon match, and I was more inspired by the championship match than some of the music I’ve heard in the last few months. Watching greatness or listening to greatness happen. I’m inspired by anybody with really great control.”

He begins to crunk out when asked about new music.

“I would like to do a record full of club hits. Man, when the light comes on, the beat starts going and the glow sticks come out … [plays No Such Thing] that’s what a John Mayer club remix sounds like. ‘You are not colorblind.’ It’s German from Germany.”

Will Continuum be re-released?

“They keep re-releasing that record so many times who knows. Now they’re just going to be like ‘Yeah, but we didn’t put gum in it yet.’”

He gives his take on the paparazzi tracking his every move.

“If fans are saying the way I want to see my favorite artist is walking out of the porta potty or walking to the gym, then I’m going to communicate that way. I’m not going to hide from it. I’m going to show my lovely personality and my giant brain.”

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