After ?skipped out on an appearance on The Late Show during the elections to chat with Katie Couric instead, David Letterman wasn’t his biggest fan. But all seems to be forgiven, as the former presidential candidate joked with the host onair in his second interview on the show since the election.


"I don’t want to talk about the bleeping campaign," McCain joked after Dave asked him what he’s been up to since losing the election. "Understand? If you think I’m going to go back to that bleeping situation, then bleep you."


The two also talked about serious things, like the recent scandal revolving around Illinois’ Governor Blagojevich and his attempt to sell Barack Obama’s vacant senate seat. 

"Public service  is the most honorable thing  you can do," Mccain said.  "And when something like this  happens and all of us are  human… But the fact is that this is  not good for the morale of  america at a time like this."


The Arizona senator also praised Obama’s choice of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.


"I think she is extremely  knowledgeable on the issues.  I think it’s a good team," he told Dave. " And I think it’s a very wise  choice.  And I would like to say that  I think that President-elect  Obama has made a number of  very wise choices."


Dave did get in one little jibe after McCain thanked him for having him, saying, 
"Thanks for coming back. You are always great to have on the program. You make me look good, and i appreciate that. Even when you don’t show up you make me look good." 

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