Grey’s Anatomy has McDreamy and McSteamy, but only ER has McSexy!

That’s the Mc-nickname the cast and crew has given John Stamos on the long-running NBC medical drama.

“I have been called Dr. McSexy,” the actor tells “It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. And who wouldn’t want to get passionate with Linda Cardellini?"  

And while shooting love scenes may be awkward, getting it on with various leading ladies on the show is much easier than memorizing and spouting off medical jargon.

“[On] Full House…I had lines like, ‘Michelle, say poo poo.’ So when I first came on ER, I was like, ‘What if my character is a great doctor but can’t really pronounce the medical terms?’” John says. “And they looked at me like, ‘No, Stamos, talking the talk is part of the gig.’ 

Complicating matters is all the medical equipment that must be used during scenes, but the 44-year-old says “it’s gotten a little easier, but I really have to work on it because everything happens so fast.”

He’ll only have to work on it for one more year as the show has gotten a DNR after the 2008-09 season. So what’s next for John?


Producing films.

"It’s about Project Cuddle, which I discovered through my mother,” he says. “This woman has been saving babies that have been abandoned and then finding them adoptive parents. Now she’s counseling girls before they have an urge to abandon their kids and helping them with prenatal care. I think she’s saved about 675 babies. It’s going to be a beautiful movie."

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