One day after Jon Gosselin was ordered to return $180,000 to a bank account he shouldn’t have touched, the reality TV super stud is actually admitting that he made a big, big mistake.
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jon confesses he did indeed violate an agreement made with estranged wife Kate by dipping his hand into the cash cookie jar when he shouldn’t have.

“It was just after arbitration and we weren’t supposed to take money out of the restrictive account and we both did,” he claims to ET. “I was found in contempt for doing so. I didn’t realize, I thought I was just taking my paycheck out.”

Jon also confirmed that the actual amount he needs to return to the account is $155,000, and says he’s still in the dark about exactly how much money Kate allegedly withdrew.

“It’s unaccounted for,” he says. “So by Friday, we’ll know her complete accounting, which might reduce my accounting, so I don’t know what’s going on. I’m gonna be truthful and abide by the court and I’ll put it back. And she has to do the same.”

The Ed Hardy-loving 32-year-old also admits that he had hopes of talking these issues out with Kate during yesterday’s arbitration hearing. “I thought about doing that, but in a public setting as a public figure you have to watch what you say and do.”
And with regard to his earning potential going forward, a not-at-all cocky Jon says he’s, “not worried about future employment” and that he plans to “continue on television.”

Best of luck with all that, Jon.

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