Amidst the chaos of Jon Gosselin’s recent separation from estranged wife Kate,  and his abrupt exit from Jon & Kate Plus 8, the 32-year-old father is still trying to stay grounded for his family of eight.

Jon reassured OK! “The kids are good,” after creating a specialty drink at Millions of Milkshakes for his newly established charity, The Jon Gosselin Children’s Foundation.
As for talk of the freed-up father’s gig on his own reality TV show with on-again off-again girlfriend Hailey Glassman, Jon had no comment for OK! except to shake his head no and proclaim to reporters that, “Today is just about charity.”

Only a glimpse of excitement could be seen on Jon’s face as he revealed to the media that it would be “Mady and Cara’s birthday on Thursday,” but more than a tinge of anxiety was apparent while he spent the day in West Hollywood.

Being a father of eight going through a nasty divorce in the spotlight is, “Rather shocking and overwhelming,” employee Anthony Cherry of Millions of Milkshakes reveals to OK! of coping with all of the pressure, “But I think that Jon is really trying to find some balance and do some good.”

According to Cherry, Jon “Did his shake dance; we made him dance a little bit,” while inside the shop selecting a different candy in honor of each child for his ice cream creation.

Apparently, the new cure- all for a spiteful separation is a just a milkshake and a few dance moves.

By Gena Oppenheim

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