Jon Gosselin hasn’t shown up for his hearing with TLC in Maryland and the hearing has started without him, the Associated Press reports.

Mark Heller, Jon’s attorney, said Jon would attend the Thursday hearing, but so far no Jon.

TLC wants the judge to stop Jon from making media appearances that they say violate his contract, which remains in force.

The judge says Jon’s lawyers don’t plan on calling witnesses.

Jon says he has the right to make a living as a media personality. In a countersuit, he also claims that TLC violated Pennsylvania’s child labor laws by filming his eight children.

But Jon’s absence hasn’t stopped TLC’s Edward Sabin from testifying in the breach of contract lawsuit against Jon and calling his recent behavior “embarrassing,” TMZ reports.

Edward brought up Jon’s decision to host a pool party at MGM Grand in Las Vegas a few months ago saying the network told him not to because “Jon surrounded by scores of bikini-clad women is inconsistent with the image of our show.”

He also brought up about Jon hanging out by the fence outside his house and talking to paparazzi, as well as taking his girlfriend to France with Christian Audigier and telling people his kids would be modeling a new clothing line.

Edward also claimed that Jon broke his exclusive contract with TLC by accepting money for interviews.

Though Jon’s a no-show now, he’s still expected to appear in two hours.


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