For anyone who thinks Kate Gosselin isn’t the easiest person on the planet to live with, you should talk to the classmates of Jon Gosselin‘s gal-pal Hailey Glassman.

“She’s was a big mess-up,” one of Hailey’s former fellow students tells OK! about the 23-year-old who finds herself in the dead center of Clash of the Gosselins. “She was just a party girl.”

And while the onetime classmate admits that Hailey was in the crew of “popular” kids who “ran the school,” he describes the person he knew then as “someone that you would normally stay away from… You could say she was the mean girl of the school. She always had a comment. But she was also the biggest ditz. I remember one time sitting in class with her, and she thought Martin Luther King was involved in the Holocaust!”

So what do people in Hailey’s hometown make of her involvement with reality TV’s most famous soon-to-be divorcee?

“It’s shocking to people,” he explains. “It’s kind of cool in the sense that people know her and she’s going out with Jon Gosselin. He’s been spotted around here. He was at Bed, Bath and Beyond probably two weeks ago.”

The former classmate, who says he’s actually a fan of Jon & Kate Plus 8, and “always liked Jon” on the show, doesn’t see this story ending well.

“We didn’t like Kate because she was controlling,” he says. “So I guess he’s falling back into… I guess he can’t stay away from these girls who have problems… This isn’t good for the kids. She’s too young.”

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