Jon Gosselin is once again battling Kate after he was told he could only spend two hours at their house tomorrow. Jon read aloud personal emails sent to him by Kate Gosselin about how she wants to divide time spent with their two oldest girls, Mady and Cara, on their 9th birthday tomorrow, Entertainment Tonight reports

“She’s trying to prevent me from seeing my kids on their birthday because she doesn’t want to see me,” Jon complains. “She doesn’t want to hear my apology. She doesn’t want to work things out.”

Jon went on to explain that Kate asked him to only be at their Pennsylvania home from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday for the twins’ birthday party.

Jon claimed Kate is trying to revise the custody agreement for this weekend saying, “She’s trying to prevent me from seeing my kids on Mady and Cara’s birthday. That’s like giving her full custody by obeying her. She can’t tell me what to do. I’m not going to allow it. I’m just going to stay. I own the house so I can do what I want.”

Jon says the email from Kate read, “Due to recent events, it will be too stressful to the kids to have both of us here as planned. I would like to split the evening so they can see us both.” Jon declared it “an all-out battle.”

Jon said the email was “ridiculous” and he said, “I can stay as long as I want and I will,” TMZ reports. A video of his reading the emails out loud is also available at TMZ.

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