Although a some might find the idea of more than 100 paparazzi waiting to chase them somewhat disconcerting, Jon Gosselin seems to be taking it all in stride these days, speaking to PopEater from Philadelphia, where he’s currently “chilling out” before visiting the kids tomorrow.

“I’ve got 65 paparazzi waiting for me back in Reading [Pa.].,” he admits. “I just got back from L.A. where I had 125 paparazzi chasing me. So I’m just taking it easy.”

Jon claims the photogs don’t really bug him, as he learned to accept they’re doing their jobs.

“I don’t really care about the paparazzi. I make friends with them, I don’t run from them. They have a job to do and I have a job to do. They call me the paparazzi’s friend because I talk to them and ask them about their lives,” he explains. ” They’re good people, they have families to feed. The thing is, if you run, they’re just going to chase you more. They’ll think you have something to hide, and I have nothing to hide.”

Yesterday Jon visited the family home to celebrate the birthday of twin daughters Cara and Mady, an experience he describes as “fine.”

“It was weird being in the same house as Kate, though,” he confesses. “She stuck around late, and she was supposed to leave but didn’t. I put the six [children] to bed, hugged Mady and Cara and then left because it wasn’t my custody day. I have custody Saturday, so I left, went to dinner and went back to my hotel in Reading and slept.”

Jon adds that the kids are doing okay, even with the attention the divorce is attracting lately.

Are the kids in good spirits for the most part?

“They’re not oblivious to what’s going on, but we’re keeping them sheltered the best we can. It’s getting kind of dirty right now, which I don’t like,” he confesses. “hat’s why I went on TV and said ‘Let’s settle this.’ She [Kate] doesn’t talk to me. She doesn’t want to talk, but I don’t want to embarrass her. I want the best for my family, kids and myself. She makes these claims about me and taking all that money. I have the proof … Bank statements, I have all that. I didn’t take all that money she said I took. It just makes her look bad, really.”

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