If there’s one thing Jon Voight has, it’s hope.


At the NYC world premiere of 24: Redemption — airing Sunday, Nov. 23 at 8 p.m. on Fox on Wednesday night, the actor talked to OK! about his holiday plans, what he thinks of the new president he didnt vote for, and how much he wants to meet his newest grandchildren, twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline.

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"The twins! Holy smokes…I’m hoping, so we’ll see," he tells OK!. Voight and daughter, Angelina Jolie, have had an infamously estranged relationship in recent years. And while the two are reportedly trying to mend their broken bond, the actor has yet to meet his twin grandchildren.

"I think she’s very happy," Voight tells OK!. "I saw her here before the twins came, and she was so happy. I’ve never seen her that happy. And she’s got this beautiful film with Clint [Eastwood] out, so there’s going to be a lot of energy around that one as well."

Now the mother of six kids with partner Brad Pitt, Voight says a large family was always in the cards for Angelina.

I think it’s wonderful that she loves kids," he says. "She always had this very unusual idea about family. I can’t really attribute it to anyone."


The Oscar winner tells OK! he sympathizes with his daughter and Brad trying to protect their kids amid a daily barrage of paparazzi.

"They are handling it, but it’s a stress on them because they can’t do things, they can’t easily go out and do stuff. They always have to consider the barrage of some kind happening. It’s difficult. They’re just kids after all, they’re just young people."

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And as for our new President-Elect, Barack Obama? While Angelina vocally supported his election, her father  — not so much. But he’s not worried.

"We wish the best for him, we want him to be a great president," he says. "I’m rooting for him."


By Delaina Dixon

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