In the spirit of the holiday season, Jon Voight shared his thoughts about his daughter Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, their kids and all the charity work they do while at the Celebrity Fantasy Auction and Gala in NYC on Monday. The grandfather also revealed how he’s preparing for the holidays. “Oh, I have piles of presents!” he exclaimed.

Charity is something important that Jon says he tried to teach Angie about growing up and something he thinks she has instilled into her kids as well.

“I’m assuming they’re going to of course love and admire their mom and try to be like her,” he said.

While Jon said he didn’t know Brad well before, he likes what he’s seen.

“Yeah, I like Brad very much,” Jon explained. “He seems like a wonderful actor and a good guy with people and with the kids.”

Unfortunately, Jon has yet to meet twins Knox and Vivienne yet.

“I haven’t. I honestly haven’t,” he said. “That will be my Christmas wish.”

But, he does have presents for them!

“Oh I have piles of presents,” he shared. “I’m a real spoiler, I’ll tell you.”

He spoils them a lot, but tries not to overdo it.

“I’m a real softy,” he revealed. “I read all the books about discipline and I do think that discipline is important too. I think I’m good that way too. If anybody’s out of line I can straighten it out. But I usually do it with humor rather than the harsh hand.”

The Celebrity Fantasy Auction and Gala was held for the “Hope Grows Strong” Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl organization, which is particularly important to Jon.

“Well I’ve gone to Israel and I’ve seen the kids,” he explained to reporters. “I’ve seen what’s happened. I’ve seen kids coming off a plane with problems, wheel chairs and I’ve seen the kids months later after they’ve been taken care of. It’s part of our family. All of us are concerned with all kids. If we’re healthy human beings, we’re concerned for kids, all kids.”

Like father like daughter! Jon said he is proud of the humanitarian work Angelina does as well.

“Of course,” he explained. “I don’t know much about that so I can’t talk about that.”

Jon said that he doesn’t just make one New Years resolution — he makes one every night!

“You know I make a resolution every night for the next day. I say prayers and I try to get myself in shape and I say, don’t do that again. All that stuff that you do.”

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