There’s a real-life godfather story in Hollywood these days and the stars are Jon Voight and his goddaughter Skyler Shaye. The pair, who appear together in Bratz: The Movie out August 3rd, have a warm working relationship. ‘Jon has been my acting coach my entire life ? he is such an incredible mentor!’ Shaye, 20, told OK! Voight, who has a cameo as the bumbling Principal Dimly, and Shaye, who plays Cloe, the Bratz’ lovable klutz, ‘really dug into their roles,’ director Sean McNamara told OK! ‘The minute Jon steps on-set he starts the walk, he starts the talk, he starts the mannerisms,’ Shaye says. ‘You become someone different when you start a movie and I have picked that up from him.’ Shaye has become a surrogate daughter to Voight in the years since his estrangement from Angelina Jolie. Voight has guided the actress since she was 8, helping her select roles, accompanying her to premieres and taking her out on the party circuit to meet and greet with Hollywood insiders. Shaye’s turn as Cloe marks her starring role debut and she anticipates a long tenure in Hollywood. So do we have another Angelina on our hands? ‘Absolutely! I would love to have that kind of career!’ Shaye exclaimed. By Katie ChristopherPhoto:

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