It’s the age-old conundrum: boxers or briefs.


But for the Jonas Brothers, only American Eagle boxer briefs will do!


On August 26, the Jonai treated their dad, Kevin, pal Demi Lovato and band members to a $5,000 shopping spree at A.E. before their concert in Pittsburgh.

The Joe, Kevin and Nick picked up boxer briefs and dorm tees, an insider tells OK!. Apparently when it comes to fashion, they never go thong!

It’s no wonder the boys were feeling generous. As their friends filled their shopping baskets, the brothers were well and truly owning the album charts, with not one but two titles in the Billboard Top 10.

A Little Bit Longer was number one for the second week running, while the soundtrack to their Disney flick Camp Rock was at number 8 — only one place lower than the previous week.

And, anyway, what’s a little $5000 shopping spree when you’ve just dropped a massive $2,895,000 on a new mansion in Texas?


Maybe while they’re in the mood for shopping the guys should pick out three XXXXL wallets as well.

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