Forget all those glamorous celebrity gals the Jonas Brothers get to meet on an almost daily basis, these down-to-earth guys say they’re over crushing on famous faces.


"Not really," Nick tells PopSugar about going gaga over famous ladies, "because we started meeting them."


"I think we refrain from celebrity crushes because we will probably run into them at one point or another so it’s a little weird to have that in print somewhere," adds Kevin.


So who do the guys think about on the road? Surely not their humble fans?


"Definitely, all the time. We have conversations about it every day," Joe reveals of the guys’ gossiping over normal girls.


Kevin adds, "We try really hard to remember faces."


"Sometimes they don’t expect us to remember names too," Nick admits.


Now late at night when you’re dreaming of a Jonas Brother, he just might be dreaming of you too!


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