Jonathan Rhys Meyers believes in love at first sight because he’s experienced it.

“I used to date a girl from Dublin,” The Tudors star, 31, says. “I fell in love with her the minute I saw her. It was like feelings — it wasn’t an epiphany — I kind of felt a little sick, really. It was very factual. The sky is blue; when it’s raining, you get wet; I was in love. The funny thing is I didn’t see her for five months, and then she traveled down to the countryside with a friend of mine and we just mistakenly bumped into each other. We both felt the same way — for awhile.”

Jonathan admits the couple went their separate ways.


“She’s married to another man,” he says. “Very happily married to another man. How’s that for a sting? I’m not so sure I would’ve been as good in a marriage. I think she and her husband are a perfectly matched couple.”

Luckily, he’s found love with heiress Reena Hammer.

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