Following today’s decision by an arbitrator in the battle between Jon Gosselin and soon-to-be-ex-wife Kate, which saw the Ed Hardy-loving bachelor-to-be ordered to return $180,000 by Oct. 26 or face contempt charges, Jon’s lawyer has decided it’s time to have his say — and he doesn’t seem too happy.

In a statement to OK!, Jon’s attorney Mark Jay Heller says that a plan is in the works to “put financial matters back on track” in the hope of never having to worry about the Oct. 26 deadline. Heller also takes issue with Kate’s attorney, Mark Momjian, for his public statements on Tuesday, which Heller alleges “compromise” the arbitration and “micharacterize the facts.”

Finally, Jon’s legal eagle falls just short of pointing an accusatory finger at Kate, hinting that a look at Kate’s finances will show wrongdoing on her part as well.

For those interested in the unedited legalese, here you go:

“Both sides and their counsel, with the able guidance of Judge Tilson and Arbitrator Fingerman, have formulated a plan to put the financial matters back on track, so that on or before the next Court Date of October 26, 2009 all issues that were the subject of both Contempt Proceedings will be academic.

“Regrettably, the spirit of what I perceived to be the implied understanding that counsel for both sides would not address specifics of the financial issues in public, has, in my opinion, been compromised by Mr. Momjian (one of Kate Gosselin’s attorneys), whose statement to the media today mischaracterizes the facts and fails to address, for example, that there has been no determination or proof that the $55,000 alleged to have been taken by Kate Gosselin (in violation of the Arbitrator’s Order) was for family expenses, as alleged by Mr. Momjian, nor has there been a determination concerning the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Kate has failed to account for in violation of the Arbitrator’s Order – It may very well be determined that very substantial sums of money which Kate has failed to account for might have been misapplied and misused by Kate. As of now, Jon Gosselin chooses to give Kate the benefit of doubt, but we are all anxiously awaiting her compliance with the Arbitrator’s Order.”

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