The news that Paula Abdul might not be returning as a judge on American Idol has her fans clamoring for her to stay — including season six winner Jordin Sparks.“Oh my gosh, they need to keep Paula,” she tells Extra. “It would be so different without her on the show. Plus, she’s one of the original judges. Like, she needs to be there.”

Jordin doesn’t just think Paula needs to be a judge because of her history on the show, but also for her kindly presence next harsher critics like Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson.

“I think if they get rid of Paula, the contestants are in for kind of a harsh reality and very, very harsh criticism because Paula is always the one that bounces back and says, ‘It’s okay. Don’t worry,’ ” she explains. “She was the one who usually came back and was like, ‘Are you guys doing okay? Are you fine?’ And I definitely think they need her. She’s amazing and deserves it.”

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