Jordin Sparks is getting adjusted to life in NYC. She celebrated her opening night in Broadway’s In The Heights Tuesday.

Her pup, Miles, joins her in her Big Apple apartment while “tour dog” Maggie and lab Noni relax with her mom in Arizona.

“He’s doing well,” Jordin, 20, tells me during the Celebrity Pet Products showcase. “He’s young, nine months, and he’s getting used to meeting new dogs. People walk their dogs everywhere, so he’s making a lot of new friends.”

The American Idol champ took in shows during Fashion Week.

“I’m excited to be on my own and try new things, meet new friends and start this new chapter. I’m definitely excited for whatever comes my way.”

Idol-turned-Broadway pals Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young helped her adjust to life in the big city by recommending an apartment.

“It’s actually worked out really good,” she says.

Hm, what advice did they give her about life on Broadway?

“They said it’s definitely going to be different because of how many shows you do, but they said it’s a lot of fun, and it’s nice being able to do something continuously and have a normal schedule,” she says. “I’m excited to see how it goes. I’m sure everybody experiences different things, but I’m excited to see what happens.”

Jordin is grateful to have Miles along for the ride.

“Animals have always helped calm me down and helped relax me,” she says while holding the “schnoodle.” “They’re great to have. They’ve definitely become… I don’t have kids, but that’s the love that you feel. You’re so attached to them, and you want to be with them all the time. Yeah, I do talk to him sometimes, but it’s nice. He’s so cute. [baby talks] Yes you are. I know, I love you. [ends baby talk].”

Catch Jordin performing in Broadway musical In The Heights.

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