Former slugger Jose Canseco has never been one to mince words, and he definitely didn’t hold back when discussing Alex Rodriguez‘s rumored affair with Madonna — let alone his past infidelities.

"Alex has been cheating on his wife for years," Jose tells OK! at the Blu-Ray Playboy Kick-Off party for this weekend’s ESPY Awards. "I actually set him up with that stripper that they’re talking about, when I was in Chicago, and I feel bad for his wife but I guess payback is a bitch and his wife is going to get about $50-60 million."

Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce last week, citing his extramarital affairs as the reason, while A-Rod and Madonna continue to fight the rumor mill.

While Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone doesn’t believe the two are any more than friends, the one-time Yankee has his doubts.

"She likes the tall, dark and handsome type guys," Jose says. "I know she’s into a certain looking guy and Alex is a good-looking guy, the best paid baseball player in the world, living in New York. You think it would be a natural."

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