Joss Stone took a page from Madonna’s handbook when she
unveiled a new hair color at G&P Cancer Research Foundation’s Angel Ball
held in NYC on Oct. 29.

“I really like how Madonna has changed a lot,” the 20-year-old
soul singer tells reporters. “It’s not even that I like the way she looks. It’s
just because she’s got guts and it doesn’t matter.”

Joss is willing to take risks herself.

“A lot of people are very
scared of change, so I like to embrace it. If I make a mistake and walk down a
red carpet looking like a complete twat, it’s okay. It’s over, and then tomorrow
I’m going to get up and put something different on. But I’m not going to follow
any fashion. How boring.”

What does she like most about her new shade?

“It’s easy on my eyes,” she says.

By Valerie Nome

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