Justin Timberlake doesn’t seem to need any help when it comes to his career, but if he ever needs a fall back, the folks at Saturday Night Live say they’ll give him a shot!

“If his music career goes into the crapper, we will definitely get him an audition,” SNL’s Jason Sudeikis tells OK!. “No freebies, everybody had to audition. He may choke in the audition process.”

Justin, 28, who’s been one of the show’s most popular hosts – especially with his memorable music video collaborations “Dick In A Box” and “Mother Lover” with SNL’s Andy Samberg, has impressed some of the show’s biggest stars.

“He’s got the chops!” SNL regular Fred Armisen tells OK!.

The singer also made an impression on creator Lorne Michaels.

“I think he’s great at it,” says Lorne, who admits there’s one thing standing in the way from asking Justin to make comedy a fulltime gig. “I don’t think he could afford to be a regular!”


By Laura Lane

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