OK! caught up with Tina Fey’s 30 Rock co-star, Judah Friedlander, at her film’s, Baby Mama, premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. The goofy looking and endearing comedian admitted that he can’t imagine how Tina balances being a mom, working on a TV show and making movies. And, because of it, he seems to genuinely admire her.


What brings you out?
Tina’s my boss, so I figured I’d better show up.

What surprised you about Tina?
She’s really cool. She’s so mellow and laidback. She’s doing a million things at once and it doesn’t bother her somehow. It doesn’t show.

Does she ever bring her daughter to the set?
Yeah, once in awhile. Her kid’s a cutie. Hilarious, cute, great kid. Tina’s great. She does a million things. I don’t know how she gets any of them done, but she does it all great. It’s a pleasure and an honor to work for her.

Any cute stories about Alice?

Not really. It’s such a beautiful, cute kid. I don’t see them that often. I’ve never like played with her or anything. I just see her sometimes. They’re great. Couldn’t be nicer.


What’s Tina like with her husband?
They’re great. Jeff is the coolest dude and brilliant musician. You could have an idea for a sketch and he’ll think up lyrics and a tune that fits perfectly with it in minutes. The guy’s brilliant. His music is so integral to 30 Rock. It really enriches the show. He did the music for this, too.


You’d say they’re hardworking?
Oh yeah, and they’re both great. What’s also cool about them is they’re not just good at what they do, but they’re very approachable too. They’re great.


What are your Memorial Day plans?
I’m going to be in Canada doing standup comedy shows in Edmonton. I’ll be at the Comic Strip in Edmonton.

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