A judge has ordered 50 Cent to surrender any guns he owns as part of a temporary restraining order issued against him  by his ex-girlfriend.


On Friday the rapper’s ‘s lawyer said that he plans to contest the order and insists 50 (a.k.a. Curtis Jackson) does not have access to guns, and never did. "To my knowledge, he has no guns," attorney Brett Kimmel said on Friday.

The judge’s order forbids 50 Cent from being in contact with Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of his 10-year old son, without the court’s permission.

"Fiddy" and Tomkins have been locked in a legal fight over money–Tomkins wants half of the rapper’s estate, claiming the two made an oral agreement.

The dispute got ugly last month after a fire destroyed 50’s $2.4. million Long Island home, where Tomkins lived with their son.

The rapper denies any involvement in the fire and has filed a $20 million defamation suit against his ex-girlfriend for statements she made to the media.

"It’s completely baseless and it’s retaliatory," Tompkins’ lawyer, Paul Catsandonis, said of the defamation suit. "It’s nothing more than an attempt to rehabilitate his image."

Since his debut album in 2003, 50 Cent has built a business with a record label, a clothing and footwear line, ringtones and video games. He has also starred in a movie based on his life, Get Rich or Die Tryin‘.

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