On Monday, a Court of Appeals ruled that a claim challenging Britney Spears’ conservatorship was totally bogus, this time not even waiting for the singer’s conservators to file a response. Jon Eardley, who claims Britney hired him to represent her, had filed a claim once again stating the conservatorship violated her civil rights.

Last month, Eardley filed a similar claim that was also rejected.


But now, OK! can confirm that Britney was at least originally party to bringing Eardley in as her attorney. Britney spoke to Eardley via a third party back in the early days of the conservatorship, using a paparazzi pal to set up a conference call so that her father, Jamie Spears, wouldn’t find out. (Jamie currently monitors all of Britney’s phone calls.)

In a phone transcript obtained by OK!, Britney says to Eardley: "Basically I want my life back. I want to drive my car. I want to live in my house alone. I want to pick my own security, see who I want to see and make it happen."

During the phone call, Britney can be heard speaking in her English accent.


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