Despite rumors circulating about a split between Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks, the cute country couple seem to be very much in love. Last night they held hands at the Country Music Awards and were spotted standing together behind stage, swinging their interlaced hands back and forth as they talked, E! News reports.

However, Julianne did not work the red carpet last night, possibly in an attempt to avoid questions about the faux break-up. Chuck was seen with Entertainment Tonight.

Yesterday, sources close to the aspiring singers were saying Julianne and Chuck were fighting over who would take possession of the house they bought together three months ago.

“This was mutual,” a source said. “They both needed some time apart.”

Julianne’s brother Derek Hough remained low key when asked about the situation, but did weigh in on his feelings for Chuck.

“I love Chuck,” he tells E! News. “He’s a great guy.”

It seems like the pair are made for each other. “What’s been fun is that we never argued at all,” Julianne, 21, told E! News after they stepped off DWTS in sixth place.

“We’ve had a little tiff here and there, but about dance movements. It was fun. We had this passion. It was fun for us because we never argued.”

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